Sunday, February 8, 2009

Waltz of the flowers

Waltz of the flowers

Waltz of the flowers, a sad romantic piano love song composed by isisip, inspired by the Chinese classical novel "the story of the stone" 石頭記/紅樓夢. Hope you like it.

isisip: I feel so peaceful inside when I play this music, it cannot be explained but it does take away all the worries, sadness and anger. It has healing effect and it is magical!

This piece of music is great for relaxing and also for dance performances such as ballet dance or modern dance.

This track "Waltz of the flowers" is included in the "Memories" album.
Track list of the "Memories" album:

1. Eternal beauty piano version
2. Eternal beauty piano and violin version
3. Waltz of the flowers
4. Rainbow memories
5. The lotus flower dance (extended version of the lotus flower)
6. The lotus flower remix
7. Starry Night - guitar music
8. Baroque Finale - guitar music
9. Desert night dance music
10. Myth - horror film music
11. Blues piano improvisation (audio from the blues piano improvisation video on youtube, without the background noise!)
12. Dutch's blues (audio from the Dutch's blues video on youtube)

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Nylon guitar version:

This guitar track is included in MP3 album Beautiful dreamer

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